Here is a money hack, by spending a little you can save a lot.

Here is a huge money tip and hack to get you to your savings goal.

This may help you to go on that long awaited vacation.

If you are interested in more savings, go solar. Tips like this will save you so much money. I know, not everyone has a lot of money, but most people have a little, to start with. So, I am here with a hack to help you keep what you have and to help it snow ball into more savings.

Every year it seems power bills are going up.

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It is hard to pay those electric bills sometimes. Let’s start simple, with a goal of saving fifty dollars a month on average.

  • Charge phones and accessories in your car or at work if allowed.  One wouldn’t believe how much our gadgets can add to our bills.
  • Pick a solar unit. Small portable or large. Pick your budget and go with it.
  • Make your home more efficient.  New windows and doors may actually pay for themselves fairly quickly. If you don’t need new windows or doors then calk them and add new foam where needed. If one can’t afford these things but need to get rid of those costly drafts then the hard ware store has shrinkable plastic that is for windows.
  • Turn off lights and gadgets. Giving kids an allotment of time they can use their phones, computers, or televisions can drastically save you big time especially if you have more than one child. Start small and see how it goes.  Maybe even have the whole family use one device at a time like a family movie night.
  • Change to an energy saving light bulb and energy smart products.
These suggestions could save you from 10 to upwards of 50 percent on your existing electric bill.

Now I am not saying that’s all you will save. It all depends on the system size and if you follow the above tips if any. But it all adds up.

If you invest like this, the money you spent on a solar panel system, you will recover  quickly by savings  electricity and getting charged less. So, its virtually Free with in time because you get the money back in free electricity offsetting the cost.

 You may well be on your way to that next big vacation. How does that sound? Keep in mind it might take a year or longer to recoup the total costs of instillation. But if you want to save a little more money per year, buy the larger system. You will recover your money so much faster in most cases. Sometimes the electric company can help subsidize costs. The government even gives tax credits for solar if you meat the criteria. Depending on what your goals are in some areas one can even sell solar back to the electric company, thus profiting.



An extra fifty to a hundred dollars a month would lead up to $1200 trip, easy. That’s money you keep just laying back watching T.V.

A starter solar system is perfect for making room in you budget to later go mostly solar.

Starting somewhere will eventually get you to your dreams.

But you have to start somewhere!

Find that balance of trade form immediate satisfaction to future rewards.

Just keep in mind local laws, home owners associations rules, and landlord policies. The solar idea is perfect for homeowners. This is also time to utilize one of those handy friends that can do projects.

If you can’t afford a system, you can piece one together till you can.

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