Here is a money hack to spend a little and save a lot.

Here is a huge money tip and hack to get you to your savings goal.

This may help you to go on that long awaited vacation.

If you are interested in more savings, go solar. Tips like this will save you so much money. I know, not everyone has a lot of money, but most people have a little, to start with. So, I am here with a hack to help you keep what you have and to help it snow ball into more savings.

Every year it seems power bills are going up.



It is hard to pay those electric bills sometimes. Let’s start simple, with a goal of saving fifty dollars a month on average. Now I am not saying that’s all you will save. It all depends on the system size.

If you invest in a system, the money you spent on a solar panel system, you will recover from the electric cost savings quickly. So, its virtually Free with in time because you get the money back in free electricity offsetting the cost.

 You may well be on your way to that next big vacation. How does that sound? But if you want to save a little more money than fifty to a hundred dollars a year, buy the larger system. You will recover your money so much faster.



An extra fifty to a hundred dollars a month would lead up to $1200 trip, easy. That’s money you keep just laying back watching T.V.

A starter solar system is perfect for making room in you budget to later go mostly solar.

Starting somewhere will eventually get you to your dreams.

But you have to start somewhere!


Just keep in mind local laws and landlord rules. The solar idea is perfect for homeowners. This is also time to utilize one of those handy friends that can do projects.

If you can’t afford a system, you can piece one together till you can.



There are several tutorials that teach that kind of stuff, till you can afford a nice new large system. But if you are interested in a decent sized solar system starter kit the system I recommend is this one. It will more than start you on your way to snoozing to the savings.


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